Aluminium fire rated doors, windows, partitions EI 15, EI 30, EI 60, EI 120


* The ALUFIRE system consists of fire rated composite glass sheet secured in aluminium profiles interconnected with a glass fibre reinforced polyamide thermal separator. The profile chambers are filled with silicate-cement inserts and intumescent seals are included at meeting surfaces. This enables the product to provide thermal insulation, and the required smoke and fire resistance that protects against the high temperatures created during a fire.


* Both - glazed and non-transparent panels comply with EN fire resistance to the following classes EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60, and EI 120.


 * Alufire EI 30 and EI 60 Fire Doors conform to the ‘Heavy’ and ‘Very Heavy’ durability criteria required by EN 1192.




* Doors can be supplied incorporating any or all of the following: Automatic wing door opener, Electromagnetic Lock (Reverse and Averse), Self –closer, smoke detector, electromagnetic catch and or Anti-panic levers, and fire rated Air Vents.


* Our doors can also be fitted with automatic cold smoke threshold seals to the bottom of the door, removing the requirement for raised thresholds. These are ideal for healthcare buildings and buildings requiring smooth floor surfaces and comply with EN 13501-2 Sa & Sm for control of smoke leakage.


* Due to the highly engineerd and robust construction our systems have arguably the highest acoustic coefficient on the market: Rw=41dB (RA1=41dB, RA2=38dB) for the internal constructions and Rw=44dB (RA1=43dB, RA2=40dB) for external constructions (according EN 20140-3).


* Alufire fire rated partitions and doors can be manufactured in many bespoke shapes to suit the building requirements and can be supplied to closely match any RAL Colour.


* Fire Rated Glazed Partitions can be installed in continuous segments not exceeding 4.0m in height by any length and can contain one single or double leaf door. (If vertical profiling spacing / one module does not exceed 1500mm) Complies with ETAG 0003, IVth use category.


* Due to the impact resistance (hard, soft or heavy body) Alufire can be used in areas where there is an increased risk of accidents, improper use, or falling (e.g. from a floor above) Ideal for schools and other high traffic buildings.


New! - ALUFIRE Vision Line


* ALUFIRE is the first Polish manufacturer to introduce a new system of fire resistant walls made entirely of glass - ALUFIRE Vision Line.

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* We cooperate with the best producers: glass panes - Pilkington, AGC, Glaspol, fittings - : Fapim, Dorma and Geze, profiles - Hydro Aluminium, thermal breaks - Technoform Bautec.


* We cooperate with the most important country general constructors: Skanska, Budimex, Strabag, Erbud, Mostostal, Allcon.


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    Alufire has been operating in Poland for over twenty years. In our headquarters in Łysomice near Toruń, we design and manufacture premium quality Aluminium Fire Rated doors, windows & partitions. Continuous investment in the production stage and strategic collaboration with the best material suppliers, sourced right across Europe, ensure that Alufire products are second to none for quality and performance. All our doors, windows and partitions meet the EN 13501-2 requirements related to fire resistance EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60 and EI 120 classes and smoke control.